Who are we

We are Remit Group Limited and Remit Food Limited, with our main processing office located at 4 Orchard Place, Nottingham Business Park, NG8 6PX, telephone 0115 9759550.

We are considered a Processor of your information if you have been referred to us through your employer as they determine the purpose of processing your information. Your employer is the Controller under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations.

If you have applied directly through our website or other media, then we are considered the Controller of your information.

If we have referred you to another provider, such as a college, we are the Controller of your information and the other provider is the Processor

Why do we collect data?

The majority of the information you provide to us is mandatory in order to be enrolled on a Programme. Where information is provided on a voluntary basis, you will be given the option to withhold that information if you wish.

Types of personal data that we collect, store and share:

Information will be stored securely in an electronic format where possible. Where paper copies are held, these will be in secure premises with limited access. No data will leave the European Economic Area (EEA), unless there are GDPR compliant safeguards in place to maintain the security of the data.

Retention period

We are legally required to store your data in line with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) / European Social Fund (ESF) contractual requirements following the completion of your programme with us. After this time period has elapsed, we will securely destroy all the information we hold about you, unless you specifically request that we do not.


Your rights

Under the terms of the General Data Protection regulations, you have certain rights:

1. You can request access to the information we hold about you.

2. You can request that we delete certain types of information we hold about you:

3. You can restrict access to the information:

4. You can request we amend information about you if it is inaccurate.

5. You can object to us processing your data where we have stated we have legal interests to do so. You can also object to us using your information for any marketing purposes.

How to get in touch

Write to the Information Security Officer, Remit Group Limited, 4 Orchard Place, Nottingham Business Park, NG8 6PX, or

Call 0115 9759550 where any-one can take your request and pass it to the Information Security Officer.

E-mail: GDPR@remit.co.uk.

You can expect to receive confirmation we have received your request within 3 days, and fulfilment of the request within 1 month. There is no charge for providing information; however, repeated requests for the same information may incur a fee.

Who we share information with

We share your information with your employer where you have been referred to us by them. We also share information with the Education and Skills Funding Agency, and with partner training providers if we refer you to them.