Apprenticeship Levy – A time to shine

May 3, 2017

May has finally arrived bringing with it the Governments’ highly-anticipated Apprenticeship Levy. While the introduction of the Levy and its impact bring significant challenges to the sector, many training providers, like Remit Group are focusing on the positives.

Throughout Remit’s history, they have always focused on the ‘Learner’, their entire business operations revolve around them. Navigating their way through the Levy changes has helped to shape ideas on getting it right, as Remit work increasingly with a wide range of large employers.

Training providers are increasingly noticing more and more of their clients approaching them for advice and asking, ‘How do I get my tax back’? This is the point where the Levy really is not, and shouldn’t be a numbers game… as it has the potential to go horribly wrong.

So, what is Remit’s Group view and how are they advising their growing list of clients on the change?

It’s not a tax. It’s an investment

Once a company finance department receives a bill, of course this will raise attention. And it’s usually down to the HR or L&D teams to ‘get it back’. Remit Group work closely with our clients to educate them on the productivity benefits a good Apprenticeship programme can offer. It’s not just that, the Online Apprenticeship Service (OAS) offers the employer the opportunity to attract funding towards their programmes and work with the best providers on the Market.

Apprenticeship Programmes can grow and adapt to your business

Apprenticeships have traditionally had a bit of reputation as being unpractical to a business, due to inflexible programmes and the increased demand they placed on operations. This came to a head toward at the turn of the millennium. Over the last decade and a half this image couldn’t be further from the truth. Training providers like Remit are working with Employers to model their programmes around their business requirements. Taking away the strain and managing flexible learning programmes that deliver for both the employer and employee. The new programmes are designed in conjunction with businesses to address specific role needs, organisational objectives, and employee retention by getting them the right skills in-house. Apprenticeships programmes can fit around business cycles and adapt accordingly – even the 20% off the job rule.

You’re growing skills and filling skills gaps

With the impact of Brexit on the horizon, there is no doubt there will be skills gaps in the UK in several sectors. The Levy is enabling employers to take a hard look at their structures to identify areas which might need development in the future -and design programmes accordingly by role or by geography. Remit’s quality assessment processes ensure those skills are fit for purpose and will bring long term productivity.

You’ll retain good people

Training and development and just that simple investment in your people goes a long way. Motivated employees are happier, and above all more productive for your business.

The Levy raises lots of questions for Employers, in how this huge change to their workforce is managed. Remit are helping Employers daily with these challenges, not just focusing on the numbers though, but on learners and getting excited about the positive impact to your business.

And why wouldn’t you be excited at the prospect of developing and delivering and in-house management development programme, with 90% of the cost being invested by Government? Talk to Remit today to find out more about how we can shine a light on the Levy for you.


Written by Joanne Pinkney,
Marketing Director at Remit Training.