Are you Lighting up your Levy?

October 16, 2017

May 2017 brought the highly-anticipated Apprenticeship Levy. While the introduction of the Levy has brought a huge training opportunity for employers, new statistics suggest that only half of the eligible employers have signed up to use the government’s apprenticeship system.

What advice can we offer those who have not yet embarked on their journey? Over the past 5 months, Remit’s work with a wide range of employers has provided us with several key lessons. So, what is our advice?

It’s not a tax, it’s an investment!

Once a company financial department receives a bill, of course this will raise attention. And it’s usually down to the HR or L&D teams to ‘get it back’. At this point, we work closely with our clients to educate them on the productivity benefits a good Apprenticeship programme can offer. It’s not just that, the Online Apprenticeship Service offers the employer the opportunity to attract funding towards their programmes and work with the best providers on the market.

Apprenticeship Programmes can grow and adapt to your business

We are working with Employers to model their programmes around their business, helping them to address specific role needs, and designing programmes which will get them the right skills in-house. Apprenticeships are not just for new young people coming into the business, but can be used for existing employees and completely flexible to a business cycle.

You’re growing skills and filling skills gaps

With the impact of Brexit on the horizon, there is no doubt there will be skills gaps in the UK across several key sectors. The Levy is enabling employers to identify future skills areas and design programmes accordingly by role or by Geography. Our quality assessment processes ensure those skills are fit for purpose and will bring long term productivity and return on investment.

You’ll retain good people

Training and development and just that simple investment in your people goes a long way! Motivated employees are happier, and above all more productive to your business. We are helping our customers to engage with those employees, not just before they enrol onto a programme, but throughout to ensure they are supported and achieve.

We know the Levy raises lots of questions for Employers in how this huge change to their workforce is managed. We’re helping Employers daily with these challenges and not just focusing on the numbers, but on learners and the positive impact to your business.

Talk to Remit today on 0115 975 9550 to find out more about how we can shine a light on the Levy for you.