Automotive Standards – The new “good ‘ole days”

July 13, 2017

Have you worked in the motor industry since your teens and are now into your 40’s or beyond? Do you think back to the good old days when you did your apprenticeship and think to yourself that qualifications don’t have the same worth anymore? You’re probably not alone.

I remember a time when you’d complete a full day at college followed by another teaching session in the evening. The old RTITB skill tests meant you had to demonstrate your ability to an independent assessor and the rigorous written exams really tested your knowledge!

How often as we get older do we get involved in ‘things aren’t what they used to be’ discussions? Well, keep reading because things may well be changing for the better…

Employers representing all sides of the motor industry from large franchised dealers to small independents have developed and established a ‘New Standard’ Light Vehicle apprenticeship. It brings back independent skills testing, examinations at years 1 and 2 followed by a final end point assessment, that tests practical skills and theoretical knowledge over a 2 day independently observed end test.

Employers have also mandated that an apprentice should develop and demonstrate high standards of behaviour to succeed in the apprenticeship.

In addition, apprentice’s will normally be expected to enter the apprenticeship with a minimum of C’s or equivalent in maths and English or certainly achieve that level otherwise they won’t ultimately pass the apprenticeship.

Remit have been successfully delivering this ‘New Standard’ in light vehicle service and maintenance for 12 months and want to encourage all employers to look again at taking on an apprentice. The industry undoubtedly needs new skilled labour coming through and the new standards give us the best opportunity for years to make this happen.

If you were an apprentice when you left school someone gave you that opportunity. If you are in the position to consider employing an apprentice and giving a young person the opportunity you once had then someone from the automotive team at Remit would love to explain in more detail. Get in touch with us on 0115 975 9550 and we would be happy to go through how it all works.


Written by Mick Pilling,
Automotive Development Director at Remit Training