The benefits of using an apprenticeship provider to support your recruitment strategy.

December 16, 2016

Recently Remit Training hosted a recruitment event for one of our clients.

As a leading IT reseller, they have worked with apprenticeship schemes across their UK offices for a number of years. This strategy has paid dividends for both the business and its new recruits, bringing parliamentary recognition for its contributions to UK skills development.

We wanted to give them the opportunity through a recruitment event to meet positive, enthusiastic individuals who were looking to learn more about IT Apprenticeships, what opportunities were available and take the first steps into a new career.

Together we met some fantastic candidates from a pool of fresh talent. As part of the day, potential candidates undertook a thorough screening process, which Remit does at this stage for all its clients. The process allows us to present work ready applicants to an employer who either already has vacancies or is thinking about taking on an apprentice in the area.

At Remit Training we are experts in recruiting apprentices. With the Apprenticeship levy coming in April, many organisations are considering the impact this will have on their recruitment and ongoing learning and development strategy.

Whether you’re a company hiring for a vacant position, or an individual looking for a new opportunity in the New Year, there are major benefits to using an apprenticeship provider to support your recruitment strategy. These include:

  1. Apprenticeship providers have, over time, built a wide variety of connections across their specialist sectors. This will increase your chances of getting the best possible fit for both the employer and candidate.
  2. When you are job hunting, often for the first time, how fantastic would it be to give your CV to just one person and let the opportunities come to you? Well, that’s exactly what happens with an apprenticeship provider working with a range of national brands.
  3. Save thousands in time and money. The most recent CIPD statistics suggest that recruiting a new member of staff on average costs £5k. A training provider can do this for free, including advertising, screening, shortlisting and supporting the actual interview process – and you still retain 100% control over who you employ.
  4. Training providers can also offer advice on salary. This can ensure expectations are set for both parties before the interview takes place.
  5. Working with apprentices allows you to embed your culture within your new recruits, and as a training provider, we understand how important this is. It means we can screen candidates who are the best fit, ensuring potential candidates get to know your brand and the company vision, so they can thrive!
  6. Working with apprentices affords your business the ability to strategically develop an employee, and subsequent organisational capability. As apprenticeship providers are measured on successful completion of an apprenticeship, getting the right person for the job benefits everyone.
  7. Apprenticeship providers know their audience, so they know the best places to advertise and use the best methods, based on experience, to attract a target audience.