Ben Lawrence

June 10, 2014

I work as Parts Adviser with the Ford Retail parts team in Wakefield. I am part of the team that handles calls from customers who are looking for specific parts and accessories to help repair and maintain their vehicles.

It’s important in my role to not only offer excellent customer service to the businesses and individuals that contact us, but to have a good knowledge of the product.

We deal with hundreds of different parts and it’s important to make sure I know as much as possible about as many of our products to help provide and efficient service.

Ever since starting with Ford Retail three years ago I have been determined to do my best in my apprenticeship, get the qualifications I need for my future, and be a good employee.

My day-to-day job is to provide a service to customers across the country, find and source the parts they are looking for and making sure they are delivered.

I’ve been really keen as part of my apprenticeship to do what I can to help improve the service and support my team as well as my normal daily tasks I have also been a part of collating and uploading information about Ford parts to our website. This has not only helped to improve my technical skills, but it has expanded my knowledge of products and enabled me to play a role in the development of our new site, which I am very proud of.

As part of my Key Skills qualification, I was tasked to put together a survey to help teach me how to collate information and analyse it. I could have done this survey on anything, and passed it around to family and friends, but I wanted to make it relevant to the business. I put together a customer satisfaction survey, and as well as using the results to complete my numeracy project, I also fed them back to the company to help raise awareness of the strengths and weaknesses.

After now completing my level three qualifications, I am hoping to continue to improve within the business and am looking forward to a long career in the motor industry.

I didn’t leave school looking to work as a Parts Advisor. But thanks to my Remit assessors, and the extra support I have received from them and my employer, I have really made the most of my apprenticeship, and know it has been the best way to start my career.

The type of course I am doing means I have had all my training and assessments done on-site with my Remit assessor. This has made such a difference to me and my employer as it means I don’t have to go to college on a regular basis and leave the workplace.

Remit has also given me extra learning support to help me get through my key skills qualifications and financial assistance to help me travel to work. I live in Scunthorpe and, without their help, I wouldn’t have been able to afford the fuel costs.

I am so grateful for the extra help and support I have had, and have put all my efforts into the most out of my apprenticeship, and completing my qualifications – which I have done ahead of time.

I will always look at ways I can improve what I’m doing and am keen to learn new skills, which is why I wanted to play a part in building the new website, and why I chose to focus my numeracy project on customer satisfaction within the business.

My apprenticeship hasn’t just given me qualifications and a range of new skills, it has also played a big part in building my confidence and getting me prepared for my future career.

There have been a number of things that could have stopped me in my efforts to become an apprentice, but I have been determined throughout to work as hard as I can. Having completed my level three qualifications now, I really feel rewarded for my perseverance.

Obstacles aren’t a reason to stop, they’re just challenges to get over.

Sarah-Ann Drury, Additional Support Coach, Remit Training

Ben Lawrence is a real inspiration to young people across the country. He has done incredibly well in his apprenticeship, completing his qualifications ahead of time.

Most young people will find it hard when they start a new job or qualification, but Ben is not the sort of person to moan, and has always been committed to his job and training, despite the challenges he faces.

In face Ben doesn’t just ‘get on with it’ he works incredibly hard. From completing his qualifications ahead of time, to his customer satisfaction project, and working on the company’s website, Ben goes that extra mile.

He is an incredibly valued member of the parts team in Wakefield, often described as one if their ‘key players, and I know they share my thoughts of Ben and his incredible progress.