James Wright

June 10, 2014

I work for T Wright Motors in Sudbury as a Light Vehicle Apprentice Technician.

I am responsible for keeping the workshop clean, working alongside my colleagues servicing and repairing all types of vehicles. As well as using the diagnostic computer and invoicing.

A big part of my role is dealing with customers on a day-to-day basis, making sure they are happy and understand the work we are doing.

I have now completed my NVQ Level 2 qualification, so am playing a bigger role in the team. I help to carry out servicing and repairs on the vehicles that come into the workshop, as well as processing invoices and doing some of the diagnostic testing.

It is my responsibility as well as carrying out these tasks to keep the workshop clean, which not only improves the work environment for all of us, but improves the look of the place for customers.

Although I go to college a day a week, I do work full time and am committed to continually learning on the job, as well as progressing my technical skills with my Remit assessor, Mark.

My employer knows I am always reliable and trustworthy, happy to speak to customers and always keen to help out as much as possible, so my boss can concentrate on his own work.

Working for T Wright since the start of my apprenticeship means they can teach me some of their skills too and I can make sure I adopt their way of working, which makes me more if an asset to them in future.

I have always wanted to work with cars and so it was my main goal when I left school to get an apprenticeship and an employer who would work with me.

However much of a dream this was for me, I still knew that I had to work incredibly hard both for my employer, my Remit assessor and while I was a college, to make sure I built my skills and learnt as much as I could.

I have soaked up as much information as I can during my apprenticeship to make sure I am doing enough to pass my qualifications, and be of more and more use in the workplace.

As part of my continued learning I have opted to take some extra Snap diagnostic courses and attended open days, as this is an area that really interests me.

It is my goal to complete my Level 3 qualification and then go on to focus on in the future, and it is thanks to the encouragement from my employer and Mark, my Remit assessor, that I will be pursuing this as soon as I can.

I am very committed to my apprenticeship, work full time and am keeping up with my college course. I’m proud of how well I have done so far, and hope that will continue as I complete Level 3. This is my dream job – I plan to turn it into a fantastic career.

Mark Wooton, Mechanical Assessor, Remit

James is a fantastic example to all young people.

Not only is he a friendly and polite young man, he is also hard working and very committed to his apprenticeship.

James has continued on to pursue his Level 3, been on extra courses to understand diagnostics, and is determined to pursue further training in the future to specialise in electrics.