Thomas Higgs

March 26, 2015

Thomas HiggsThomas Higgs is currently on an IT apprenticeship programme with Plan-Net. He has been going from strength to strength during the programme and is looking to work his way up and develop his career within the IT Industry.

How long have you been on your apprenticeship?

I have been on my apprenticeship since August of last year, and I am due to finish in August of this year. This apprenticeship has really helped me with what I want to do in the future, I have met great people and it has pointed me in the right direction of where I want to go.

Did Remit help you to find a placement/employer?

Remit had set me up with a placement at the “Workplace Service Centre” in Kegworth with Plan-Net as my employer

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I chose to do an apprenticeship because I knew it was the best for my future, it helps you get into the mind-set of a workplace but at the same time you are still learning; and at the end of it there is a chance of a full time job and also you have earned qualifications.

Did you consider going to College / University? If yes, why did you change your mind?

Yes I did consider University as does everyone at some point but the reason I changed my mind was because apprenticeships offer you something that a university course cannot and that is being in an actual workplace all the time and working alongside colleagues, so it gives you that experience that University can’t.

Why did you choose to work in the IT industry?

I chose to work in the IT industry for the simple reason that I have such a passion for it, we are now living in a world that revolves around IT and I just felt comfortable with that area of work. IT is constantly expanding every day and the opportunity that IT gives you is amazing.

What is the best thing you have learnt whilst on your programme?

I have learnt a lot while being on the programme, a lot of it being new knowledge of IT that I didn’t know before, I knew the basics but not as much as I do now. The best thing I learnt would be to do with security of a computer system and how to protect it.

How has your new skills / knowledge helped you in your job role?

It has helped me because I can help customers with this to stop threats from entering their system, before I had this piece of knowledge I only knew about “Anti-virus” systems but now I know so much more

What are your career ambitions?

My main ambition is to become a team leader of a group of people, It would be amazing to become a team leader at the place I’m at now because I know the people there and how everything works. Another ambition is just to work my way up as far as it can go; I never want to stop learning. I want to keep going and see where my career takes me

How has your apprenticeship made an impact on you personally?

I feel my confidence has grown a lot more and I can talk to people now and make new friends. Before I started this programme my confidence was small but now I feel a lot better about myself and a lot of that is down to my tutor and colleagues helping me.

State three words to describe your apprenticeship

Amazing, Helpful and Eye opening.