Tom Pearson

June 10, 2014

Ideagen Plc, a UK-based leading supplier of compliance based information management software, has announced the adoption of the new Microsoft apprenticeship scheme that will provide employment opportunities for participants within the East Midlands region.

The new Microsoft apprenticeship from Remit IT Academy, the training provider of apprenticeships across the UK, is a twelve-month ling initiative and offers participants pay and qualifications, as well as an opportunity to gain permanent positions. The programme allows participants to gain an Advanced Apprenticeship at Level 3, the equivalent of two A levels. The time apprentices dedicate to the programme is divided between their place of work and the IT Academy.

Apprentices learn practical skills by spending time in a real working environment. By shadowing qualified members of staff, apprentices learn first-hand how to go about the job. At the end of the programme and after passing the final exams, participants obtain CompTIA and Microsoft certification.

Ideagen’s announcement continues the company’s commitment to providing work opportunities for young people.

Davis Hornsby, CEO of Ideagen Plc, said: “Our new Microsoft openings are a great way for apprentices to improve their skills in the world of IT. Our programme is aimed at developing the young talent and helping them implement their knowledge in real life projects.”

Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship, participants will gain the following academic qualifications and MS certification:

Tom Pearson is Ideagen’s first apprentice in this scheme. Tom’s time at Ideagen is split between two sections: 20% is spent working towards his academic qualifications and Microsoft certification, and 80% on being an active member of the team.

Here is what he told Ideagen:

What motivated you to choose Microsoft apprenticeship programme with Ideagen?

I chose not to go to college or university and go down the apprenticeship route as I am a very practical person and learn better doing things than sitting in the classroom. I am very happy with my decision so far. My apprenticeship at Ideagen Plc is as a Software Support Technician.

How were your first two weeks at your apprenticeship with Ideagen?

I really enjoyed them. Everyone is easy to get along with and I’m having a great time. My team is really helpful and I have learnt a lot already. Ideagen has been really good to me and have bought me a new computer to help me with my work and studying. I have even been allowed a day off for my driving test!

How will this apprenticeship help you with your personal and professional development?

This apprenticeship will help me in so many ways. Being made redundant from a previous apprenticeship was a really big blow. I put so much effort into studying to be told I am no longer entitled to the qualification I worked for was devastating. After being made unemployed for the first time since I finished school I decided I have better things to do with my time than sit at home all day watching TV!

Being offered the position has made my family and friends extremely proud of me. This apprenticeship will change my life for the better, forever. It will help me get my foot onto the career ladder. Jobs nowadays are really hard to come by, especially at my age with limited experience. I am extremely grateful that I was offered the position at Ideagen, this will give me a much better chance at having a successful future.

What do you expect to learn during this scheme?

During this apprenticeship I will be learning a lot of things, mainly involved around IT support. I will be helping clients resolve issues they may be having. This will involve talking to customers on the phone, using remote viewing software to control and fix errors with their computers and much more. The skills I learn will be an invaluable asset to me in the future. IT aside, I am really looking forward to gaining experience within a professional business environment as well as receiving my qualifications at the end of the scheme. Being paid for learning is just a huge bonus!