Are you interested in employing a health and social care apprentice? On this page you will find all the information about how to employ a health and social care apprentice and what will be involved.

What work will the apprentice be expected to do?

A Health and Social Care apprentice will be expected to deal directly with patients, supporting them with day to day tasks such as getting dressed, taking them shopping, serving food and changing bedding. They may also be required to provide support to doctors and nurses whilst caring for a patient.

Their duties may vary slightly depending on the size of your company and the requirements of the business, but they usually include:

How will the training take place?

Typically this course will take a year on completion the apprentice will gain an NVQ level 2. To complete this qualification the learner will not need to go to a further education (FE) college or training centre. Their time will be spent in your business where they will get to learn practical skills from seeing a real working environment. The learner will be required to shadow a qualified member of staff so they are able to learn first-hand how to perform the role. The apprentice will also need to assist in activities and once they pass their assessments and progresses through the course they will be able to start completing tasks on their own. To ensure that the apprentice is competent in completing tasks by themselves a Remit assessor will visit them at your company to complete the assessment testing with the apprentice.

How much will employing a health and social care apprentice cost?

To employ an apprentice you will need to cover the cost of their wages, from 1st October 2016 the minimum wage for an apprentice is £3.40 an hour. You can however choose to pay the apprentice more if you wish.

The training itself is fully funded by the government in most cases, but this is dependent on the age of the apprentice. If the apprentice is aged between 16 to18 the apprenticeship will be fully funded, if the apprentice is 19 to 24 the apprenticeship will be part funded and you will be required to contribute towards the training. If the apprentice is over the age of 24, the employer is required to pay for the full training costs.

Your business may also be eligible for grants help towards the cost of an apprentice. From January 2015 employers have the chance to claim up to £1,500 for employing their first apprentices aged 16 to 24 years old. There may also be apprenticeship grants available through local councils. For more information please click here.

What is the process involved in employing a health and social care apprentice?

Once you have decided that you would like to employ a health and social care apprentice, Remit will work with you and provide a free recruitment service to find the right apprentice for you, with any specific requirements you may need such as qualification, skills and interests.

We will advertise the vacancy and from those that apply, we will create a shortlist of applicants that we believe will be a good fit for your organisation, and have the potential to succeed. You will then be able to conduct the final interview with the shortlisted candidates of your choosing to find the right person for your team. Once you have chosen your apprentice, we will enrol them onto the Apprenticeship programme.

If you already have a young person in mind for the apprenticeship we will be able to enrol them onto our training programme. Just give us a call and let us know.

How do I register my interest in employing a health and social care apprentice?

If you are interested in employing a health and social care apprentice you will need to register your interest with Remit by calling us on 0115 975 9550 or email us on