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January 25, 2017

While Theresa May is making plans to leave the EU this week so that the UK will go it alone and leave the single market, the major currency that marketers will deal in over the coming years is connectivity.

A new breed of customer, one that will define our future economy with their huge spending potential and future influence on brand adoption, or dismissal is emerging globally.

They are young, urban, mobile and connected!

They aspire to accomplish greater goals, experience finer things, and emulate behaviours of people in higher classes. These traits make them a compelling target for marketers to pursue.

Their mobility is what distinguishes this new type of customer from what we have seen before. They move around a lot and live life at a faster pace. Everything is instant. When they are interested in things they see on television, they search for them on their mobile devices. When they are deciding whether to buy something they research price and quality online, while in-store. Being digital natives, they can make purchase decisions anywhere and anytime, usually involving a wide range of channels and devices.

They are also very social; they communicate with and trust one another. In fact, they trust their network of friends and family more than they trust organisations and brands. In short, they are highly connected.

Connectivity is arguably the most important game-changer in the history of marketing. Granted, it can no longer be considered a new buzzword, but it has changed many facets of marketing and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Connectivity significantly reduces the costs of interaction or acquisition between companies, employees and their customers. This in turn lowers the barriers to entering new markets and shortens the timeframe to move through the traditional AIDA model for Awareness and Interest (brand building/ recognition and choice sift), through to Desire (lifestyle fit) and Action (purchase).

There are various well-known cases of how ‘connectivity’ has challenged and now completely changed the nature of long-established industries. Amazon, Netflix and Apple to name a few brands have all disrupted the traditional bricks-and-mortar bookshops, record stores and video rental stores (yes they actually did that). Even bricks and mortar itself is now undergoing a paradigm shift; buying and selling houses is being turned on its head by companies like purple bricks who are challenging traditional estate agency rules.

Connectivity also changes the way we involve customer participation. Our calls to action no longer focus on ‘download’ but rather ‘upload’, encouraging interaction and customer participation in the decision making process through comment, review and even sharing video content.

Seeing connectivity as simply a technological advancement however, would be misleading. In the context of a marketing strategy, with such a massive reach, connectivity fundamentally transforms the way customers behave.

Although the word connectivity is closely associated with a new younger audience, as the world population ages over time, these digital savvy millennials will become the majority demographic and connectivity eventually will become the new normal.

We’re living a part of marketing history. The shift to constant connectivity is one that’s transforming how we interact with people, providing access to so many more consumer moments than ever before offering us opportunities to be compelling and welcome at each one.

The possibilities are incredible and the opportunity is huge and that’s where you come in.

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