Health & Social Care Standards introducing significant change

November 20, 2017

The Apprenticeships market has undergone meaningful change in 2017. The new ‘Levy’ has placed the power into the Health & Social Care employer’s hands with many large Adult Care employers working with expert providers such as Remit Group to develop high quality bespoke programmes mapped to their individual business needs.

The new Health & Social Care Apprenticeships Standards is a significant change and Remit Group is leading the way on working with Adult Health & Social Care employers in benefiting from the new Standards programmes.

Standards are new Apprenticeship programmes that have been introduced to replace the existing Apprenticeship Frameworks and set a new standard for high quality, relevant programmes that are mapped to specific vocations or roles. There are currently Standards available in Adult Care Worker Level 2 and 3 alongside Leadership and Management in Social Care at Level 5.

What you need to know:

To find out more about how Remit can support you with maximising the opportunities that the Apprenticeship Levy affords, talk to our Levy experts at Remit on 0115 9759 550.