Your customers demand high standards of work and customer service. To deliver this, your workforce needs access to high quality training and practical industry knowledge.

Whether you have a fleet of heavy goods vehicles, or run an independent garage that deals with a range of different heavy vehicles, Remit Group offers Heavy Vehicle Technician Apprenticeships to support the recruitment and training of the very best technicians.

The role of apprentice heavy vehicle technician involves maintenance of vehicles over 7.5 tonnes and the diagnosis and repair of any damage or faults that may occur. Tasks range from routine servicing to preventative maintenance to comply with current legislation. Apprentices will learn skills from simple component replacement to complex diagnostics in all areas from engines to brakes and everything in between.

Each Apprentice will spend time at Remit’s Automotive Academy as part of their ‘block release’ training. This state of the art facility has a Heavy Vehicle workshop which includes two tractor units and heavy vehicle training props such as axles, diffs, and engines to aid their practical training time. Coupled with a superb classroom environment and well-designed breakout rooms, the facilities provide the right environment for your apprentices to enjoy a great learning experience.

The Heavy Vehicle Apprenticeship is suitable for employers looking to upskill existing colleagues or recruit and train new apprentices into the workplace.

Introducing Remit Groups Brand New HGV Automotive Apprenticeship from Remit Group on Vimeo.


If you feel you have skills gap with in your workforce that could be filled by apprentices, please fill in this form to find out more about the Heavy Vehicle Standard and hiring an apprentice.

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