Is your home smart enough?

January 19, 2017

Think about it, homes that can predict what you need before you do! Arriving home to find your house anticipating your every need. The kettle’s already on, and there’s no more running out of milk – the fridge tells you when and what you need to top up, and it won’t be long before it replaces it too! There’s even an app to video call home to check on pets allowing you to issue commands for when they misbehave

It’s happening. The smart home is officially here, connecting pretty much anything to make stuff happen at home when you’re not. The data science and technological advances of what there is already and what more there is to come has got IoT thought leaders worked up into an interconnected lather- and with good reason.

Forget wasting time thinking “did I turn off my hair dryer “, it can be done remotely. Losing your keys after a night out with your mates will be a thing of the past, there’s a door lock system that can be triggered while you are out and about. Not to mention the listening hair brush that manages frizz and dryness – that’s the bed head sorted!

Smart homes use ‘home automation’ technologies providing ‘intelligent’ feedback and information by monitoring different aspects of a home. Primary platforms and ecosystems, like Alphabets, Nest, (British Gas innovation), Hive and Samsung’s SmartThings, are built to work with the next generation of connected appliances, and tailored to specific consumer needs.

The benefits are endless! Users can control appliances and replenish supplies remotely via an app. Checking on loved ones, making sure they‘re warm and safe from afar, ensuring all the windows and doors are locked.

And there are cost savings too. Having multiple products, all with machine-learning capabilities, which gather regular insights, gives us control in ways we’ve never imagined. The smart home will make technology invisible.

The range of different smart home technologies is growing rapidly, along with developments in computer controls and sensors. But this of course presents its own challenges, and that’s where you come in.

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