A job is for life, not just for Christmas

November 30, 2017

December is almost here and key sectors including Food Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retail and Warehousing are facing a skills crisis to deliver their Christmas demand.

Skills gaps are currently costing the UK economy £2 billion per year and the problem is not going away.

Brexit is becoming a reality for many businesses with a reducing work pool and there is an increasing demand for technically skilled employees, growth in e-commerce, and an ageing workforce. Employers are having to think again.

For many employers, temporary Christmas resource is a flexible and swift solution to filling key skills gap areas but what are the areas employers need to explore further to help address the issue long term?

Based on our experience of working with a wide range of employers, we have come up with three areas of thought:

How can Apprenticeships help?

What many employers are unaware of is that they can utilise their Apprenticeship levy pot to create long term, valuable programmes to upskill staff across key skills gap areas that are flexible to their business and processes.

Working with Apprenticeships Standards, qualifications are fit for purpose and designed to ensure that the programme participants develop key knowledge skills and behaviours around their role and the skills to add long term value to the business. Apprenticeship Standards have been developed with employer Trailblazer groups to create long term fit for purpose learning programmes that have a positive impact on the role and employer.

Remit is working with a wide range of employers across Hospitality, Retail and Food to create long term bespoke programmes to develop new and existing colleagues to increase customer service, productivity and efficiency.

To talk to the team at Remit about how we can help your business to plan to meet the skills gap, contact us on 0115 9759 550.