New balls please!

November 10, 2017

You may notice something different about Remit today. No, we’re not entering Wimbledon 2018, we have a brand-new logo and brand – and we’re extremely happy with it.

A rebrand in a year of huge change in the Apprenticeships sector we hear you say? Should we not be waiting for the Levy/funding dust to settle?
Allow us to explain.

For Remit, our new brand arrives at a critical time for our business. A time of growth, change and to show our personality. Our new brand represents our world of Apprenticeships with each colour in our logo representing a sector of our business.

Over the last 12 months, Remit as a business has grown and diversified adding a number of major brands and household names to our client list. As a business, we have a lot going on, and a lot of powerful stories to tell about the great work we do with both learners and our employers.
Anyone who loves a Disney or Pixar film will know that all the best brands tell stories. As humans, we are genetically programmed to connect with stories and let’s be honest, as Training Providers, what we do every day has an impact on the lives of real people.

So its time to start to tell the Remit story and it starts here today with our new logo. The story of 2017 itself is a great one. We’ve grown our Hospitality business significantly with brands such as Starbucks, Stonegate Pub Company, and Casual Dining Group, opened a brand new Automotive Academy with the support of the IMI which is one of the best facilities in the country and launched a management programme across Carpet Right stores. Did we mention the Levy?

Over the next year, we’ll be telling the story of our business and the sectors we work in. We’ll show you real learners, and real employers and demonstrate what Apprenticeships and the new Standards can deliver and how that affects real people.

Our new website is the first chapter launching at the end of 2017. Stay tuned, watch this space.

Game, set and match – Remit Group.