By subcontracting with Remit Training you will become part of a valuable partnership, where strong relationships are key. Remit will invest quality time into understanding your organisation and how our subcontracting provision can support your business in achieving its goals.

Initially Remit will conduct regular reviews with you and your business to understand:

We offer our subcontractors a wide range of benefits as part of the contract and allow access to our company best practice, innovative technological solutions and consistently updated teaching and learning methods. The lists below identifies some of the benefits, but this is not exhaustive and will be tailored to the requirements of each subcontractor.

We hope that a subcontracting partnership with Remit Training will help you achieve many of your business goals, including:

If you are interested in expressing your interest in subcontracting with Remit Training please contact our Director of Subcontracting, Jane Firth on: or call on 0115 9759550. You can also complete this form here to help speed up your application.

Under the terms of our contract with the Skills Funding Agency we are required annually to publish our policy on subcontracting, our fees policy for subcontracting and to declare the fees held for services for each of our subcontract partners.

To view our policy for partnerships and subcontracting please click here