Raising the Standards in Adult Social Care

July 11, 2017

The Apprenticeships market has undergone meaningful change so far in 2017. The new Levy has placed the power into the Care employer’s hands, and while some funding allocations remain unclear, many large Adult Care employers are working with expert providers such as Remit Group to develop bespoke programmes mapped to their individual needs.

In and amongst the melee, there is a significant change which has not secured many headlines thus far – new Apprenticeships Standards. Remit Group is leading on working with Adult Care employers on benefiting from the new Standards programmes but what are they, and why do they matter to the Adult Care sector?

What is a Standard?

Standards are new Apprenticeships programmes that have been introduced to replace the existing Apprenticeship Frameworks. They set a new standard for high quality, relevant programmes that are mapped to specific vocations or roles. There are currently Standards available in Adult Care Worker Level 2 and 3.

What is significant about these Standards is that they have been developed by groups of employers known as ‘Trailblazers’ who have designed the qualifications to meet the unique needs of the industry. This in turn will result in flexible and fit-for-purpose programmes that are modelled around Adult Care sector needs.

So why are Standards different to Frameworks?

Firstly, Standards are much more flexible to the Adult Care sector in terms of delivery methodology. They set out key required skills and behaviours as well as the knowledge and understanding that is needed.  Each new Standard also identifies an important career pathway making them attractive to the learner. The transition to the new Standards will take place over a period of time for other subject areas, with Care Frameworks being replaced by the end of 2017.

So what?

So what does this mean for your Adult Care business? There are several reasons why Apprenticeship Standards should form an important part of your future training and development:

Maths & English – Within the new standards all learners will need to develop their Maths and English skills – therefore upskilling them to competently complete mandatory Healthcare Support Worker tasks e.g. high quality ‘Care Plans’ and ‘Care Visit Notes’, also building on the learners skills, knowledge and understanding to support them in numerical tasks such as ‘Medication Administration’ and ‘Time Management’.

If you are a Levy paying employer and are looking for other ways to upskill your workforce, the Adult Care team at Remit are working across a wide range of sectors and leading with implementing Standards from Management to Team Leader.

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