17/05/17 continued

The team took some great pictures (including a selfie) on their drive from Calais to Bruge yesterday!

Remit colleagues Neale and Michael got in touch to say that the team spirit has been fantastic and they have enjoyed driving through the French countryside in such beautiful weather.

Next they will be driving through Normandy to Le Touquet!


The journey has begun from Folkestone to the Eurotunnel! The Remit team and their 2 cars (pictured below) have been joined by 30 others to start the exciting trip. Watch this space for updates…


Remit colleagues Neale and Michael have begun their journey to Bruge for the REAL Rally! With the help of Remit Apprentices, they have spruced up a ‘banger’ to make it eye-catching for the journey.

Remit Group Chairman, Rob Foulston will also be joining the REAL Rally in his classic car, both pictured below.

The two cars will be joined by 30 others made up of ‘bangers’ and classic cars to travel through France and Belgium.


Time to Rev up for the REAL rally!

Next week two members of the Remit team will be embarking on a trip to Bruge in a car which has been re-sprayed by a talented group of Remit Apprentices. The 3 day rally is running for the second year to raise money for a charity aimed to help young people.

Our team will be joined by 30 others made up of ‘bangers’ and classic cars to travel through France and Belgium including Bruge!

Stay tuned to follow our journey every step of the way!

First stop… Folkestone.

Remit has a proud history of supporting young people looking to start a career in the automotive industry, and when it comes to the REAL Rally, Remit Group’s ‘Battered and Bruge’ team are also putting ‘the learner at the heart of everything’ with their choice of Rally car. Rather than choose in something their two fearless drivers would feel comfortable driving over 1,000 miles in (or look good!), they’ve chose a car that would allow their young learners maximum involvement instead!

Enter the Smart ForFour. 0-60 in a tortoise speed 15 seconds. With just 3 cylinders most motorbikes have more pulling power.

However the panels are light and come off easily, allowing Remit Apprentices across the land show off their skills by prepping, spraying and finishing a panel in a style of their own choosing. That’s six individual panels in six different styles so what will it look like? You’ll find out at Folkstone folks!

To find out more about the REAL Rally please click here

To donate and support the Battered n’ Bruges team you can donate here

All money goes to support AutoRaise and the REAL Rally.