The Road to Superintelligence

November 28, 2016


Artificial Intelligence — the topic everyone in the world should be talking about.

Are you dreaming about the world of tomorrow? Wondering what it’ll look like, who and what will be in it? Have you pictured it less Wallace and Gromit, and more the latest TV series of Humans? The future is upon us, and it’s calling you!

The world as we know it is changing! This generation is experiencing technological advances that will change lives forever. We’re talking Artificial Intelligence, but what does AI mean to you?

In 1997, IBM’s supercomputer Deep Blue became the first to beat a reigning world chess champion. An achievement that made headlines around the world. Since then, progress and development has continued at an epic rate.

Think about it…video games, smart cars, smart home devices, fraud protection, security surveillance, news generation and purchase prediction, all use AI.

But the complexity and effectiveness of this technology has increased massively over the years. The virtual personal assistant, Siri, led the way, followed by Google Now, Cortana and the latest launch of this year’s Amazon Echo – a nice lady called Alexa, who’ll write your shopping list, read your books, play music, answer general questions, even control the light switches and thermostats around your home!

If you’re hotwired to run on the kind of progress that can change the world, this is the career for you.

For the right candidate, a career solving world problems could be a reality. AI is big news and big business. The application of Big Data software algorithms is taking decision-making precision to new levels; creating efficiencies, saving costs and delivering new solutions.

Deep Learning AI isn’t all about cost savings either – applied data analytics are solving important problems and Visual Deep Learning technology will save lives, by precisely identifying suspected terrorists and hidden ordinance in remotely recorded video feed – a much needed and truly meaningful safety benefit for our service men and women.

Sound impressive? It is, and if this sounds like your cup of cha’, an IT Apprenticeship delivered by Remit Training could open doors. By enhancing your existing talent and matching your skills, to pinpoint exactly the right niche for you, we could help you build a career in your chosen field!

The IT Professional Apprenticeship is the one. First helping you get to grips with basics like – software installations and upgrades, using email, spreadsheets and software for ICT system operation. Before moving on to diagnose and tackle technical faults, and working on ICT hardware and equipment.

And there are options to progress your learning. After successful completion of Level 2, you can move up to Level 3 and 4, helping you to hit the ground running with roles like IT product developer, support desk technician and software developer.

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