Life is full of surprises, and not always good ones – for that reason we have a dedicated team of designated safeguarding officers to provide support for any unforeseen circumstances that may occur during your time at Remit.

The Remit Group aims to create and maintain a safe learning environment where all learners, colleagues and partners feel safe, secure and valued and know they will be listened to and taken seriously. Everyone has a role to play in safeguarding young people, ‘at risk’ adults and maintaining a secure and supportive environment. This includes protection from any physical, on-line or extremist threat or action.

For any support or help that is not covered by contact with your regular Remit staff member or the learning support team the safeguarding team are here to help.  Anyone who has any concerns for their own, or someone else’s wellbeing can contact one of our specially trained safeguarding team on our dedicated Hotline 0115 975 9554 or email

We work extensively with a wide range of specialist organisations to ensure the best possible advice and support is offered. Below are a sample of some of the useful information links available.


Your guide to the Social Networks. Stay up to date and stay safe in today’s digital world:
PACE- Parents against child sexual exploitation.
PACE works alongside parents and carers of children who are at risk of being sexually exploited by perpetrators external to the family:


 Self Harm
There are many reasons why children and young people try to hurt themselves. It is important to spot signs as soon as possible and do everything we can to help:

Online Safety
The internet is amazing. The digital world is changing all the time, the link below gives

you tools and advice to help keep your children safe online:

We also have a dedicated E-Safety information page on our website:


How to talk about the risks of sexting:


Counter Terrorism/Radicalisation: 

Mental Health

Eating Disorders


Sexual Health

Sexual Violence

Domestic Abuse


Emotional Support



Substance Misuse