UK to increase national cyber-defence efforts

November 1, 2016

Cyber Security

If you picture yourself as the ‘Bond’ of cyber space and the words macro and JavaScript mean more to you than your gran, you’re probably pretty aware of the threats we’re facing, and could be the cyber genius the world is waiting for.

This week, the government has announced how it plans to spend new funds to increase national cyber-defence efforts as concerns from MI5, over cyber attack reach new levels.

Automatic defences to stop hackers hijacking websites or spoofing official domains will get a boost from a £1.9bn government cyber security strategy in a Cyber-Plan outlined by chancellor Phillip Hammond.

Domestically, in 2015 the *Office for National Statistics figures included data on cybercrime for the first time, with the crime rate for England and Wales soaring to more than 11.6 million offences. An estimated 5.1 million online fraud incidents and 2.5 million cyber-crime offences were contained within the figures. Pretty mind blowing and scary numbers!

Over the last year, nearly 6,000 online stores have been hit by hackers (including well-known brands) and some cyber-attacks on large UK banks never even get reported. Hackers, spammers and cyber thieves are finding new ways and programmes to attack systems all the time, creating total devastation and loss in their wake.

What’s needed now more than ever, is cyber security specialist with the expertise, knowledge and skills to stop thieves in their tracks.

In its announcement the Government has included plans to recruit specialists who will work at the cyber-crime unit at the National Crime Agency. These will help tackle organised gangs and aim to raise the cost of engaging in hi-tech crime to make it much less attractive.

The cyber-plan will also involve the creation of a Cyber Security Research Institute that aims to unite researchers across the UK to work together on improving defences for smartphones, laptops and tablets.

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