Worried you won’t deliver this Christmas?

November 24, 2017

With Christmas swiftly approaching, many food sector employers are concerned with having the right skills and resources to meet the demand.

With EU workers on the decrease due to Brexit and the falling pound making working in the UK increasingly unattractive, the food industry as a whole is looking for alternative options to meet the growing skills gaps.

Not only does a lack in skilled staff impact on delivery, but for many profits and productivity are impacted. And the problem isn’t going away. With an estimated 81,000 reductions in EU workers which make up 20% of the UK workforce, the food sector faces double trouble with changing technology and techniques along with an aging workforce.

What’s the solution?

While the challenge remains huge, Remit Food is working positively with a wide range of employers to implement Apprenticeship programmes to help support not only with the skills development of existing staff, but to support with attracting new talent which is mapped to their individual business goals and objectives.

Many of our food production clients are recognising that increased skills and development of their teams in key areas is supporting them with delivering to key market demands such as Christmas despite being faced with a reduced talent pool. Infact, despite the challenging outlook, Remit clients are reporting improve productivity and reduced costs, whilst offering a continued and sustainable growth programme to support with retaining good people in their business.

The changing Apprenticeships market is proving to become one of Santa’s little helpers through Adult Education Budget (AEB) funded programmes, and through optimising Levy funds within larger organisations. Changes in the type of programmes being delivered are creating long-term sustainable skills programmes in a variety of businesses settings.

If you’re concerned with the skills gaps and delivering this Christmas, talk to Remit. We are the UK’s largest training provider to the Food sector and are working successfully with clients including CP Foods, Bakkavor and Coca Cola.

To talk to the team email info@remit.co.uk or call 01155 975 5500